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Our Passion

Here at Norse Properties, We are about Design, We are about Quality, We are about Crafting unique concepts that fulfill dreams and goals. We are about creating lasting “good-work” in the places we Live, Work, and Play- Our Community. In over a 40 year span of business, we have enjoyed working in many sectors- Development of Commercial Warehousing  Space, Retail Shopping Centers and Individual Stores, Professional and Medical Offices to Multi-Family Residences.

Who we are

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In over a 40 year span of business, we have enjoyed working in many sectors- Development of Commercial Warehousing  Space, Retail Shopping Centers and Individual Stores, Professional and Medical Offices to Multi-Family Residences.


Seeing Creative Potential—Understanding Short/Long Term Goals and Perspectives- Adapting Uses or New Beginnings, bringing Life and Light to Building Dreams and Goals


Utilizing Strategic  Planning Methods, Sustainable Metrics and Solutions for Crafting Project Fulfillment


Value Strategies for Owners, Visible Value for Tenants/Customers, Sustaining Value and Community Enrichment into the Future


Maintaining Micro and Macro Community Relationships, Guiding Principled and Effective Standards for Maximum Trust and Mutual Benefits for All

Together, we strive to bring the Elements of Flourishing to Our Community.  It is this passion, this belief that is so much more than merely growing a business or an organization.  We believe our purpose is to benefit our neighbors, our community and those that need to experience more… This is why we share the blessings we have been entrusted with–  Stewardship is a central and core value of our mission to our Community- The FISH Food Bank and other food banks, The Rescue Mission,  Shared Housing Association,  Associated Housing Ministries, Local Non-Profit Organizations that meet the needs of homelessness as well as National Non-Profits that bring housing to more..   While we do not put a hard percentage point or specific number on how we give and give-back, we choose and enjoy the Freedom to give into our Community and sometimes it results in giving all back..  Some question this methodology and faith, however we know we could never out-give our provision or provider.  

What are we all about?

Real Estate Development

Our Companies are involved in: Planning, Consulting, Entitling, Developing, Construction, Management and Owning Commercial Real Estate Projects. We specialize in the creation and redevelopment of Investment Properties.

In the Beginning, we start each project by *understanding your individual needs. We work hard to  establish a “Team” of Professionals that is the “right fit “ for you. We collaborate with Brokers, Designers, Architects and Engineers of specific disciplines that will give you the highest value and effective methods to create and fulfill your vision and goals for your Home or Project.  As we move forward, we create a scope and budget that fits your needs with thoughtful planning..  Equally, we work to have the “best-fit” for you in Trades-People, these are the artisans and craftspeople that make the simple into the simply-wonderful:  the mark of lasting beauty and joy..

Our investment portfolio includes: Retail Stores, Offices, Industrial, and Multi-family projects

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Man working on architectural design at office


Male lawyer discussing negotiation legal case with client meeting with document contact in courtroom


New private housing development construction in rural countryside aerial view


Building construction, wood framing and beam construction structure at new property development




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Transfers house ownership

Management and Ownership of Commercial Real Estate Projects

Rodney Tayet


Since 1980, I have been involved in developing business and Commercial Real Estate. Studies have included Business Management, Real Estate, Construction and Transportation.My desire is to bring creativity and vision to the areas we live and work and play; to strategically design, build/re-build, add function, quality and enrichment to cities, communities and neighborhoods– through each site, each building, and each project.

Meet Our Team

The People that make it all work


James Guerrero


Jeff Brown Architecture &
Chris Fynboe Engineering
Craig Baldwin, P.E.

CEO, President

Michael Michael, P.E.

Project Manager

Paul Bogataj

Design Engineer

Andrew Baldwin

Engineering Technician

James Wilson, P.L.S.

Project Surveyor

Brooke'lynn Box


Carl Baldwin

Business Manager

Interior Design

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what our clients say

"I have come to trust and rely on Norse Properties for many Very Special Projects!!…"

Sarah B.

“Norse Properties puts together the “right-team” of people for every project- a pleasure to work with these good folks”…. I HIGHLY recommend them!!"

Marcia K.

“Commercial and Rental Property Experts! They understand the metrics and building dynamics”

Matt R.