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Every Journey begins with a single step… Just as every Dream, Every Vision for what could be begins with a single Spark, an Idea, a Flash of Inspiration! ——– Creativity!!! Now begins the Journey—and, who to partner with to help bring life and fulfillment to that Dream… Over 40 years in business have brought us many wonderful people and businesses we depend on–those we find Best for each Project to Team with! From engaging the Imagination to the “ribbon cutting” of your project, your dream, we are here to help you craft quality into your Living, Working and Playing Spaces.

We plan and choose a team of professionals that is the best fit got you and your Project:

Whether you want to create simplicity or grow your business, we would love to be part of making your dream come true!

Welcome to Mariners Village!

Here, in the Pacific Northwest many equate our waters, our Puget Sound to Life giving renewal- Whether thru enjoying a walk on the beach, a ride in a boat, a float down a river or sitting by its edge with feet submerged, its motion and feel is transformational.  This is the Renewal-Feel we wanted to bring thru building  a special type of living community and living space.  Mariners Village is made up of smaller craftsman style homes that are easily lived in- Easily maintained and can be “home-base” for those seeking to scale back on up-keep and focus on comfort and simplicity.

 This special design is ideal for a second home or we can put designs together with our architects to accommodate a variety of rental home options as shown in the rendering.  The simple design lines and quality features make this investment a good place for putting you in the Captains Chair!

Ahoy There!

Welcome Aboard!   

Special Projects

The Very Special Space, the Very Special Dream—

A Crafty “Tree-House” or A wine cellar

 A Fence Line or Pergola that Stays True to the Original Architecture of your Home or Building…

Your discerning flare, Your distinctive taste, it all makes perfect Artwork on the Pallet of Design

These Special Projects are Your Signature and we Love to help you Create a Lasting Statement with Natural Elements that tell “your story” they are a constant reminder of Creativity Alive!

Total Restaurant Make-over

The Journey of creating a great Menu and Staff along  with a clientele that keeps coming back for “Seconds” seems daunting  enough—Let Alone Creating or Re-creating the Architecture and Ambiance needed to support  the Great Food and Service!

Specialized Teams and Individuals coming together to focus intensely on the particular needs of Discerning Restaurateurs, make the full service delivery of the new or renewed Space Vital!  Timeliness of execution with each step, each trade, each swipe of the designers “brush-stroke”—this IS Passion, this is Creativity in Action!  We have had the privilege of Owning many blank Spaces for this great and highly  sought after specialty-business and we find the Results So Satisfying!  Whether a simple diner or a multi-location contemporary establishment, the exhilaration and sheer delight we see in the eyes of the client is total bliss!

Whether you want to create simplicity or grow your business, we would love to be part of making your dream come true!

Total Renovations

A New Beginning, A Starting Place for Life Changing Purpose and Design, Fulfilling those deep-seated feelings and needs for a New Paradigm! —- These are the building blocks of the Creative Heart!  This is the Place where Your Dreams can flourish!  Together, we can help you connect with “intentional designs” by creating the right fit in professionals and craftspeople for your dreams–This is so important. Your Dream Plan, Your Comfort, knowing you have the right Team for your Dream Project.  Once set in motion, Your Plan is the goal and the outcome, an awakening of New Joy in your Space.  We are here to help whether you are downsizing or expanding, creating new spaces or revitalizing features. Truly, helping you capture artistic beauty and a sense of peace and satisfaction with your decisions and your plans is our ultimate goal and our largest reward. …Blessings!

Retail and commercial projects

“Space, the Final Frontier…”  Well, we can Trek thru the annals of 40 years of progress and still come up with some Sure Solid Wisdom, “change will happen” –we can choose to adapt, and change or be quickly swallowed up in the wave of progress or calamity sweeping across our lives.  Planning for change and space needs is a critical component of long range development.  We believe in the power of creativity and using adaptable space concepts as a best practice in retail space and in other commercially used buildings.  Herein, we also use dynamic information and metrics to plan for and build for sustainability.

Ultimately, Retail and Commercial Projects need to be planned with intention.  We feel Each Project, Each Design needs to Enrich Our Community – Creating Value for Owners, Visible Value for the Space Users and the Customers—Sustaining Value and Community Enrichment into the Future with positive design and positive outcomes.. Doing this kind of “partnership-planning” takes:  Micro and Macro Community Relationships- Guiding Principles that are Community Visible.

 Whether you want to create simplicity or grow your business, we would love to be part of making your dream come true!